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Riley is a Big Love!

                                            Check out Riley and much more through our FaceBook page!

Riley is a big love <3

He’s waiting for Dr. Araba…Each person that goes by he looks and then looks at Sylvia saying that’s not her. And then….. he is so relaxed….. like with no other Dr. Again I thank you♥️ Teri

Patient Update!

We LOVE receiving updates from our clients/patients. Lulu is such a beautifully special girl and her dad owner, an amazing and dedicated caregiver : Dr. Araba, Today is the two-year anniversary of Lulu’s mast-cell cancer diagnosis and she is a survivor! She continues to do well on the therapy – Palladia, prednisone, and your recommended
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Difficult discussions with compassion

The compassion and love demonstrated by Dr. Araba and [Melissa] during their visit put me and Ricky at ease right away. I liked the way they progressed through the visit. First, asking questions to understand my pet’s well-being and health. Then performing an examination of him. They then talked about treatment and medication options based
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Canine Influenza Virus in the Bay Area

Last night we sent out an informational email regarding the Canine Influenza Virus in the Bay Area-

Spectacular Service

                    Everything is spectacular. I recommend Blue Sparrow to all pet owners I know. Araba is warm, kind, thoughtful, and intelligent – she and her assistant are a true pleasure to work with. She gives great feedback and information- something that can be sorely lacking in
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Blue Sparrow Holiday Newsletter 2017

Check out the latest Blue Sparrow Newsletter wrapping up 2017.

Pawtrero’s Dog Day Afternoon

Pawtrero’s Annual Dog Day Afternoon Event on Sunday, November 5th. Check it out to learn some valuable pet nutrition information, speak to quality treat and food companies, visit with rescue organizations and support some wonderful causes! Bonus- Pet Costume Contest!!

The Fantastic Lulu!

Update: We saw Lulu for her annual exam and check in, and she looks marvelous! Her Mast Cell disease remains controlled by a combination of chemotherapy, supplements and love from her dedicated dad. Truly defying the odds, and doing so beautifully! Lulu says: Thanks for checking up on me!

Labor Day Weekend!

Have a FANTASTIC Labor Day weekend and STAY COOL. To help with this, the ASPCA has provided some key tips for keeping cool and comfortable in this extremely warm weather.

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