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Peaceful final moments…

Thank you, Dr. Araba, for helping us through the final days of Lulu’s life. Seeing her so relaxed and peaceful in those last moments–free of pain, heading into sleep–really has had an impact on me. Though it will be a long time before I can enter my home and not look for her, or wake
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Tremendously grateful to have found Dr. Araba!

Having Dr. Araba treat our dog is one of the best decisions we ever made. Thanks to her excellent compassionate care, her holistic approach to veterinary medicine, and her program of acupressure, Chinese herbs, and nutritional supplements, my dog is in the best physical and behavioral health of his life. Despite his hip dysplasia, he
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We look forward to our vet appointments now!

Dr. Oglesby is fantastic.  She is always available to help and offers really great input and advice.  She explains things in a way that is clear to us and we really trust her.  She is gentle with our 3 cats and our cats actually look forward to her visits!  When my cat got into some
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So grateful for Dr. Araba!

Almost a year later and it is time to shed more glowing positivity! Our tux guy was having some odd symptoms and I decided it was time to have him seen again. Dr. Araba and her lovely assistant arrived promptly at our scheduled appointment time and our two cats were both super excited to see
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Thank you for the wonderful spirit of your business!

Dr. Araba and her staff were absolutely wonderful with all 3 of my cats. They really took the time to get to know them do a thorough examination. She not only addressed medical issues but she also made some supplement recommendations to help make my 20 year old cat more comfortable in her old age.
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Dr. Araba is a treasure…

I loved my previous vet and thought no one could replace him when he moved.  Dr. Araba had some big shoes to fill and she did just that.  I can’t praise her enough when I talk about my boys (2 sphynx cats).  For one, I can’t begin to tell you the difference it makes to
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It doesn’t get better than this…

This was our first experience with a Vet that made house calls. We really lucked out with Dr. Araba. Her and her assistant (forgive me, her name just slipped my mind but she was also awesome) provided top notch care for the two visits she paid us. Besides an incredible bedside manor for our two
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Extra time with our sweet dog

Dr. Araba is a great vet and I feel so lucky to have found her. Our aging dog had lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, and we were wondering what might be going on — or what we could do to best support him through his end of life care.
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Blue Max

Dr. Araba came to take a look at our beloved Blue Max, a 10 year old doberman.  It was sort of an evaluation to see if anything could be done to help our little boy in his last months.  She was very knowledgeable and gave him a thorough examination.  She provided us with some alternatives
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Oscar loves working out the kinks!

Oh Mr. Oscar…you are a beautiful cat! Snuggling happily beside Dr. Araba, Mr. Oscar looks forward to his sessions, taking in the soothing and healing powers of his acupuncture treatment for arthritis and overall balance. Between purring and napping on his mom, he offers a fuzzy thumbs up to Dr. Araba! Hmmmm….that feels soooooo good!
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