Recommended Products & Services

Before using these products, we highly recommend consulting with Dr. Araba or your veterinarian

Pet Supply Stores

Pawtrer•  Pawtrero BathHouse & Feed Co.
•  Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods
•  Noe Valley Pet
•  Animal House SF
•  Bow Wow Meow
•  Holistic Hound


KPharmCovetrus (formerly Vets First Choice)

Koshland Compounding Pharmacy

Wedgewood Pharmacy

Golden Gate Pharmacy

Veterinarians & Trainers

Dr. Ilana A Well Adjusted Pet

•  A Well Adjusted Pet, Dr. Ilana Strubel – Physical Therapy, Veterinary Chiropractic, Behavior, Consultations
(pictured with Dr. Araba.)
•  The Rex Center
Filson Dog School, Kelly Filson, canine trainer

Chinese Herbs and Supplements

StandardProcessJing Tang Herbal
•  Standard Process/Medi Herb
•  RX Vitamins
•  VetriScience
•  Thorne
•  Evergreen
•  3rd Planet