The Blue Sparrow Philosophy on Food

nutrition-3543Hippocrates said it best: ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’

Dr. Araba says it this way: ‘Food is the medicine you take every day.’

What Is a Nutrition Consultation?

A high quality diet and natural nutritional supplements are essential to treating any disharmony occurring within the body. Food ingredients contain energetic properties. The benefits of diet therapy can be seen when used to promote health, prevent disease and as adjunct therapy to complement primary treatments.

We recognize that there is an enormous variety of foods available to pet owners, so are happy to help counsel you through the selection and transition process if a new diet is recommended. We know that not every diet is suited for every animal or medical condition, just like not every diet is tolerated by every pet. We work with you to find the best food option that provides the highest quality ingredients and nutrition for your cat or dog.

All new patients are requested to complete the New Client/Patient Intake form, which is available hereContact us to see if this service is beneficial for your pet.