Chinese Herbs & Supplements

What Is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

herbs+sup-3513Herbs and supplements are used to correct imbalance seen as a disease pattern and promote the body’s ability to heal itself. Chinese Herbal Medicine has its origins dating back over 4000 years. Herbs today are prepared with the benefits of modern technology, but are still guided by the historical wisdom underlying TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine).

Many ingredients traditionally remain the same, but sustainability and ecologically friendly options are also taken into account. Rather than the use of certain rare or protected species, equally effective alternatives have also been chosen. TCVM utilizes herbal formulas that are a combination of herb ingredients to treat a specific pattern of disease.

The use of herbs and supplements are an all-natural treatment option.  As with any prescription, we perform a thorough examination and diagnosis prior to use. Even though some animals may share the same disease, its effects on the body, constitution and response may vary.

Herbs and supplements can often be combined with acupuncture and/or Western medication to enhance clinical results. Similar to acupuncture, it may take a few weeks until optimal effects are achieved. The ultimate goal is to restore and maintain balance in the body.

The Blue Sparrow Philosophy on Food and Supplements

Blue Sparrow Holistic believes in the whole food philosophy using premium organic supplements that combine whole plants, botanicals and high quality protein extracts. These supplements contain essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that support optimal health. We can prescribe a selection of nutraceutical blends, providing several options that contribute to vitality and higher quality of life for your pet.

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