Cold Laser Therapy

How Is Cold Laser Therapy Used?


Blue Sparrow Holistic is proud to announce that we use the Respond Systems 2400VS laser (class 3b). Cold laser or light laser therapy is excellent for providing pain relief from common problems associated with a variety of issues such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, muscle/tendon/ligament injury and age-related stiffness/discomfort. It can also be used for healing wounds (including lick granulomas, superficial traumatic wounds) and sterile cystitis (inflammatory bladder disease) in cats and dogs.

What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Laser light is different from LED and visible light. The 2400VS uses a 500mW continuous wave 808nM high power laser probe. By using the 808nM wavelength, we are able to provide therapy a proven greatest depth of penetration. It permits more laser energy to penetrate deeply into the tissue, joints and muscles, stimulating healing without absorption at the surface, which can cause heating and burning. The positive effects have been well-researched. These properties influence healing by accelerating cellular function to stimulate the production of natural chemicals and hormones that decrease pain, inflammation and improve circulation.

How Many Sessions Will My Pet Need?

Frequently your animal will feel better after the initial treatment with maximal effects after approximately 3-4 treatments. For chronic pain, we generally recommend treatment once to twice a week for a three-week period. After that point, maintenance treatments can extend the improved effect every 4-6 weeks.You may be amazed by how much your pet enjoys the treatment- many animals doze off during this relaxing therapy.

All new patients are requested to complete the New Client/Patient Intake form, which is available hereContact us to see if this service is beneficial for your pet.