Preventative and Wellness Care

prev+wellness-3131Blue Sparrow Holistic Veterinary House Calls combines the best of both traditional Western veterinary medicine with the benefits of Holistic care to provide a well-rounded integrative approach. We know that there is not necessarily one answer or one way to achieve the best results, so we prioritize wellness and preventative medicine by treating your animal as an individual and appreciating the whole picture.

A thorough physical examination is performed, checking not only common vitals and common markers of health, but also the constitution and energy level of your pet. At each initial exam, we will obtain an extensive history and address not only your main concern, but also ways to improve the overall health of your animal.

Whether you are seeking the care of a new veterinarian, a second opinion, or you would like an integrative approach to complement the excellent care you are already receiving from your primary family veterinarian, our goal is to assist with the wellness of your pet.

We are able to perform blood work/simple cytology, allergy testing (via blood sample or salivary testing), perform vaccine titers and administer vaccines, prescribe and administer medications, as well as offer general health maintenance. We combine this with our complementary holistic care to optimize health.

If you are a complementary holistic medicine referral, we value and emphasize maintaining the relationship with your primary care veterinarian as we collaborate with them. We will send updates to your main veterinarian and communicate with them about any health changes or concerns.

All new patients are requested to complete the New Client/Patient Intake form, which is available hereContact us to see if this service is beneficial for your pet.