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compcare-2718Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) utilizes complementary modalities such as acupuncture, herbs and nutrition to help your pet’s body systems regain its natural balance.

Disease can manifest as an imbalance in physical and emotional symptoms. Complementary care focuses on strengthening the body and restoring the balance of health so that an animal’s natural healing process can resume. The use of complementary medicine is a process in which you can often see immediate results, but significant effects can take a few weeks or longer depending on the severity of the disease, the state of the body’s Qi** and the modality used.

Restoring balance and promoting the body’s natural ability to heal is an investment, but with some patience, your pet will feel the benefits of holistic care.

**Qi is considered to be a life force or energy flow through the body. Symptoms of illness are the product of disruption, blocked or unbalanced Qi movement through the body’s meridians, as well as deficiencies or imbalances of Qi in Zang Fu organs (anatomical organs of yin and yang).

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