Essential Oils

Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants. These compounds lie on the surface of the plant forming a protective layer. For use, oils are typically extracted from the plant by steam distillation or cold pressing.  Essential oils can be very powerful alternatives to traditional medications or used in conjunction with medications.  Studies have shown that essential oils can penetrate cell membranes to kill bacteria and viruses, which some other medications can not do.  This being said it is important to use excellent quality, medical grade oils when treating pets.  Not all essential oils are the same.

How can Essential Oils be used and applied?

Essential oils can be used aromatically (inhaled), topically, and internally (orally).  Pets can tolerate oils well, but some can be sensitive to them and some specific oils are not tolerated by some species. While oils do have a wide safety margin, some pets may be sensitive to their application, as with any product.  It is very important to consult with your veterinarian prior to using oils.  Some ways to incorporate Essential Oils would be to diffuse it, add it to drinking water, oral tincture, application to kitty litter, petting technique and sniff-it collars.

When introducing a pet to oils, it is important to see how the pet will tolerate each individual oil used.  The frequency of Essential Oil use can be done in a variety of intervals depending on your pets underlying medical issues and sensitivity.

What are some common Essential Oils?

Some of the common oils used in pets include: Lavender (for anxiety, pain), helichrysum (for bleeding), and frankincense (for anxiety, pain, inflammation).

Quality Essential Oils:


Dr. Dawn has been working with medical grade essential oils for over 5 years as part of integrative medicine. Through combining the use of Essential Oils with holistic and western medicine she has been able to include additional supportive care for her patients.

Dr. Dawn has completed certification courses with Dr. Melissa Shelton, who is well known for her contributions and studies with essential oils.

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