Dr. Araba is a treasure…

I loved my previous vet and thought no one could replace him when he moved.  Dr. Araba had some big shoes to fill and she did just that.  I can’t praise her enough when I talk about my boys (2 sphynx cats).  For one, I can’t begin to tell you the difference it makes to have her come to the house and see my boys in their own environment and not have them completely stressed and freaked out from being in a carrier and a car and then a strange place where dogs and other stressers are.  Dr. Araba is so calm, down to earth (she sits right on the floor with them), patient and not only a great physician but a wonderful teacher.  As if all of this is not enough, she is readily available by email and has even dropped meds off to me. Her integrative approach between western and alternative medicine is unique and something you won’t get at most veterinaries. She and all her assistants are a treasure and we are lucky to have them.



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