Blue Max

Dr. Araba came to take a look at our beloved Blue Max, a 10 year old doberman.  It was sort of an evaluation to see if anything could be done to help our little boy in his last months.  She was very knowledgeable and gave him a thorough examination.  She provided us with some alternatives and we decided to give acupuncture a try.  Unfortunately, a few weeks later, we had to make the painful decision to say goodbye to Blue Max as he was finally ready to go.  Dr. Oglesby was prompt, patient, understanding and took the time to explain the process to us.  When it was over, she told us that she would take good care of him now.  It was a difficult time for us and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more compassionate team.


– Vicki L.

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  • Dr. Araba took wonderful care of Sidney’s final months. The process of euthanasia when the time came was difficult for me. She treated Sidney and me with such kindness, compassion and love that I’ll never forget.

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