So grateful for Dr. Araba!

jarvis1Almost a year later and it is time to shed more glowing positivity! Our tux guy was having some odd symptoms and I decided it was time to have him seen again. Dr. Araba and her lovely assistant arrived promptly at our scheduled appointment time and our two cats were both super excited to see them. (as was my husband and I) The cats absolutely adore the attention. (OK, and the treats too!)

She talked to us about how kitty has been doing, took some tests, checked him out. The whole process couldn’t have been any less stressful on both us and kitty. The bummer news is that test results came back with a diabetes diagnosis, but Dr. Araba has been AMAZING with guiding us through the process. She has spent a long time on the phone with me, sent long and thorough emails, informed us of the best places and prices to get what we need, and even came back to our house to show us how to take care of his new insulin/monitoring needs. She always takes time to ask if we have any questions and encourages us to email if we have any questions or concerns. I have never encountered a veterinarian so incredibly thoughtful and patient in my life. We are so grateful!

Dr. Araba is truly an absolute joy to have in our home.


– Elizabeth E.

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