Tremendously grateful to have found Dr. Araba!

vinnie1Having Dr. Araba treat our dog is one of the best decisions we ever made. Thanks to her excellent compassionate care, her holistic approach to veterinary medicine, and her program of acupressure, Chinese herbs, and nutritional supplements, my dog is in the best physical and behavioral health of his life. Despite his hip dysplasia, he is highly energetic, and runs, plays and jumps pain-free. His anxiety and fear have diminished dramatically, he is more confident and relaxed than he ever has been, and he’s enjoying life more than ever. He is so excited to see Dr. Araba, he can hardly contain himself. And we are equally excited and tremendously grateful to have found her.


-Lisa M.




Update 2016: Vinnie continues to do extremely well with a new lease on life. He enjoys “find it” games, beach time and daily adventures with his dog walking pack!

vinnie20162 vinnie2016

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