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Standard Process Seminar in Wisconsin.

Dr. Araba is spending the weekend learning more about nutritional supplements and health with Standard Process. Today was spent touring the plant, organic farm and in lecture with the goal of bringing the additional insight back to our patients at Blue Sparrow! Nutrition is the medicine you take every day!

Mellow appointment for Crow

  Best vet appointment to date. Low-key yet attentive bedside manner, sensitive and focused communication style, overall relaxed pace paired with a thorough exam. Dr. Oglesby and veterinary technician Gretchen handled my shy cat so expertly (and sweetly), that he missed them when they left! I got all my questions about his care answered, and
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First Graduate- Exploring the Possibilities 2015 Event

Tonight I had the pleasure of volunteering for the First Graduate– Exploring the Possiblities 2015 Career Night Event. First Graduate is a Non-Profit organization that helps students finish high school and become the first in their families to graduate from college ready to pursue meaningful careers. The goal of this event was to expose the
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Neko’s Balance

Neko is showing us that even the most feisty felines can enjoy the benefits of an acupuncture treatment.

Blue Sparrow Holiday Party

In December we had a wonderful time celebrating the holiday season at Mission Bowling Club as the Blue Sparrow Team! Though some of our bowling skills needed fine tuning (mostly mine 🙂 ), a great evening was had by all!!  

In the comfort of your home.

Having a house-call veterinarian is a GREAT alternative to those stressful vet appointments. Crow would usually be a very upset little man, often times requiring sedation. His home exam and treatment caused him very little stress- and he didn’t even miss his afternoon sun time. At this appointment, he decided he would lounge on Dr.
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Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!

Add supporting a wonderful SF charitable veterinary fund dedicated to keeping companion animals and their families together to your list of holiday cheer! See you there! Rosamunde Sausage Grill Wednesday, December 17th at 630pm

November- Adopt A Senior Pet Month!!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and we’d love for you to consider giving a home to an older cat or dog in need. Animal shelters across the country are full of animals of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages, but senior pets are typically the most difficult to place. Consider a visit to Muttville
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Sidney’s Gentle Passage

Dr. Araba took wonderful care of Sidney’s final months. The process of euthanasia when the time came was difficult for me. She treated Sidney and me with such kindness, compassion and love that I’ll never forget.     -Suzan R.      

SF Aid for Animals Happy Hour Fundraiser

Come out to support SF Aide for Animals (SFAfA) on October 2 at Mayes Oyster House for a Happy Hour Fundraiser and Silent Auction! SFAfA is having a fun, casual gathering at one of the hippest locations in the city: Mayes Oyster House Bar and Restaurant! Please come by for a happy hour, to say
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