Riley is a big love <3

He’s waiting for Dr. Araba…Each person that goes by he looks and then looks at Sylvia saying that’s not her. And then….. he is so relaxed….. like with no other Dr. Again I thank you♥️ Teri

Bodhi-Bear’s Check Up

Bodhi-Bear getting a check up as he settles into his new forever home! He is a three-legged Casanova!

Lulu’s first home visit!

“Thank you to Dr. Araba and Melissa for taking such good care of me today.” Lulu

Roxie, the big love, never forgotten.

Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace; Milan Kundera.   RIP sweet girl.  

Eno’s Next Journey

Dr. Araba & Melissa, A few days after Eno crossed the bridge I went to Tahoe. The first morning I woke up to this as I stepped out on my balcony. Eno shining brightly above the mountain ! Your gateway acupuncture needles worked 🙂 Thank you both so very much for making Eno’s transition so
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Neko’s Balance

Neko is showing us that even the most feisty felines can enjoy the benefits of an acupuncture treatment.

In the comfort of your home.

Having a house-call veterinarian is a GREAT alternative to those stressful vet appointments. Crow would usually be a very upset little man, often times requiring sedation. His home exam and treatment caused him very little stress- and he didn’t even miss his afternoon sun time. At this appointment, he decided he would lounge on Dr.
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Alley in Acu-Bliss

Care Through Your Eyes: Alley receives acupuncture for elbow dysplasia, allergies and overall balance. She is almost 8 years young and still runs, plays and enjoys life like a puppy. See Alley enjoying her acubliss during one of her sessions with Dr. Araba!  

Azrael is enjoying a calm shen.

Care Through Your Eyes: “Azzy is doing a lot better with the herbs/supplements- he seems more mellow, and def less noisy at night (which is exactly what we wanted!) thank you so much for all those recommendations. We have been using all three, including the feliway, which has also helped keep Sydney more relaxed. Anyways,
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MacDuff loves his acupuncture treatments!

Our wonderful patient, MacDuff, is now looking spry and balanced after his latest acupuncture treatment. MacDuff is full of energy – scampering around like a pro at the park and no longer limping!   And MacDuff is not alone – many pets benefit from acupuncture as part of their overall treatment. To learn more about
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