photo of a cat with mouth wide open

The whole fur family.

Dr. Araba is the best. She has been my fur babies’ doctor for years now. I could never imagine another doctor for my kids. She’s always so caring, thorough and patient (with both me and my boys). My oldest cat is almost 19 and Dr. Araba takes great care in treating and being very pro-active
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photo of a cat siting on a blue couch

Lulu’s first home visit!

“Thank you to Dr. Araba and Melissa for taking such good care of me today.” Lulu

photo of dog sitting in back seat of a car

Roxie, the big love, never forgotten.

Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace; Milan Kundera.   RIP sweet girl.  

image of blue bird on a branch

Peaceful Passing

  Dr Araba recently helped me put my beloved 13-y.o. FIV positive cat to sleep after cancer and nerve damage got the better of him. She is an amazing vet who really takes time to listen to the owner and observe the animal and make the most gentle and respectful recommendations. The process obviously sucked
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photo of a dog on the sand at a beach

The Amazing Biff!

Everyone at this practice is excellent. Dr. Araba is extremely knowledgable and will take the time to explain and go over whatever it is you can think of. She gets down on the floor and really gets to know your pet. The techs are amazing, Melissa is a doll, very polite, easy to talk to
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photo of snowy mountains and pine trees

Eno’s Next Journey

Dr. Araba & Melissa, A few days after Eno crossed the bridge I went to Tahoe. The first morning I woke up to this as I stepped out on my balcony. Eno shining brightly above the mountain ! Your gateway acupuncture needles worked 🙂 Thank you both so very much for making Eno’s transition so
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photo of Dr. Araba giving laser therapy to a small dog in her lap

Eno loves the laser

You made Eno so relaxed and comfortable today. You and Melissa are amazing. Bless you both. Gratefully, Linda & Eno

photo of a cat sitting on a table surrounded by a bag and apillow

Mellow appointment for Crow

  Best vet appointment to date. Low-key yet attentive bedside manner, sensitive and focused communication style, overall relaxed pace paired with a thorough exam. Dr. Oglesby and veterinary technician Gretchen handled my shy cat so expertly (and sweetly), that he missed them when they left! I got all my questions about his care answered, and
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photo of a white cat laying down on a couch

Neko’s Balance

Neko is showing us that even the most feisty felines can enjoy the benefits of an acupuncture treatment.

photo of a cat laying down near a bag and pillow

In the comfort of your home.

Having a house-call veterinarian is a GREAT alternative to those stressful vet appointments. Crow would usually be a very upset little man, often times requiring sedation. His home exam and treatment caused him very little stress- and he didn’t even miss his afternoon sun time. At this appointment, he decided he would lounge on Dr.
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