Dr. Araba saved our dog’s life!

liaphoto2I was referred to Araba Oglesby for our beloved 9 year old yellow lab, Lia, in January. Lia had developed a mass in her heart and would collapse every time she got excited (whenever she saw someone she loved, if a treat was coming her way…). We had taken her to eight doctors in the Bay Area, all highly recommended, looking for a different answer. Everyone we met with told us that the tumor was inoperable, that she had months to live, and there was nothing more we could do.

Araba listened to our story, hugged me as I bawled my head off, and did a thorough assessment of Lia. She set her on a course of Chinese herbs and acupuncture as well other meds. She checked in with me constantly, making her house visits with infinite wisdom, thorough research and an inordinate amount of compassion and care.

Three months later our beautiful girl was back to her puppy-like self…we haven’t seen an episode in four months. It’s truly a miracle. I absolutely credit Araba Oglesby for saving our dog’s life. I trust her completely. She is wonderful.

Diane S.

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