I keep remembering your kindness

magnificat1Dear Dr. Araba,

As I try to get used to the quietness in the apartment now that Niffi is gone (Pizzi is the more silent type, unless brushing is required!), I keep remembering your kindness, skill and all the time that you spent with us, particularly on Niffi’s last afternoon.

Even though I am broken apart at the loss of him, I know that I would have been feeling SO much worse were it not for your gentleness and care of him during his last hours. The peacefulness of his transition was enormously helpful in calming my own nerves and fears and doubts, and I know that being at home was absolutely the best place for him to be in order to say “goodbye”.

I can never thank you enough. Niffi fell in love with you the very first time you put your hands on him at SFVS more than 5 yrs ago, so I knew that he would feel safe with you throughout the final part of his journey. I wish that I could have had him for longer – MUCH longer – but I know that it was time to let him go.

Pizzi is realizing that something is very different around here (!!), and she is sticking to me like glue and becoming the lap cat extraordinaire. We are trying to be the best source of comfort that we can be to each other at this sad time, but her baby brother is sorely missed.

Thank you so very much for everything.

With love and great respect,

Elliot & Pizzicato xxxx

R.I.P. Magnificat Fussypants Longfellow McGillicuddy-Jones Garrett Gariaeff Franks.

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